Quarry Café Counter project on Spacehive

We are looking to install an innovative new counter in the Quarry Café. The Numbers of users of the Quarry Café are growing and we need to expand the kitchen space to enable us to start producing a range of hot lunches.

This very clever café counter is made by Tecna UK and utilises the T3 system. This is the same system that is used for exhibition displays, it is light, versatile, adaptable to out changing needs and most importantly it’s totally collapsable. At the end of each session the whole counter dismantles in a matter of minutes into storage bags.

By freeing up the existing tables that are used as the counter we will be able to add extra seating for 8-10 visitors, plus the counter will extend the workable kitchen space by approximately 50%. Additionally the counter will add a more permanent and professional look and feel to the café and with the ability to clad the sides with printed fabric signage our café and Crew branding will be much more apparent.

The west Sussex Community Initiative Fund that has been available to communities through a grant application system is now been incorporated into Spacehive Crowd Funding. The project is now in fundraising mode on Spacehive and we are campaigning for supporters to pledge to our campaign. We have pitched to West Sussex CIF and Esmé Fairbain as potential contributors but we are seeking support from the local community of East Grinstead.

Please go to our project page via the link below and if you think it is a great project please tell us by clicking ‘like”

Go to. https://www.spacehive.com/quarry-cafe-counter.

To make a pledge click on “Back this Project”. Thank you for your support.

Please note – Monies are only collected from backers once the final target is reached.

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