Our New Café Counter

After the successful completion of our Spacehive campaign to raise money to install a bespoke Café Counter for the Quarry Café, we are delighted to announce that this project is now completed and we have our fabulous counter installed in the Quarry Cafe.

The Counter has exceeded all expectations and we are absolutely delighted with the finished result. It’s hard to believe that the whole thing gets packed away into just a few large bags and yet is so solid and substantial in use.

From our initial design idea Tecna UK have worked hard to bring our concept to reality and create our bespoke counter

Our original design concept
Tecna UK design mock up
Finished Counter

We send our grateful thank to everyone who liked and pledged to our Spacehive project and to the big funders that pledged, including West Sussex Community Initiative Fund, Esmée Fairbairn, & East Grinstead Town Council. As the first community project to go through the new West Sussex Crowd on Spacehive for this area it was a big challenge but with the support from the whole community of East Grinstead we did it. Thank You

The Quarry Café has been booked for a number of outside events over the coming summer and we plan to take our counter out with us. If you see us and our counter at an event, do please come over and say hello.

One Reply to “Our New Café Counter”

  1. The counter is excellent, The coffee is grand, the cakes are yummy and the service is wonderful. What more can I say?


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