Mid Sussex Applauds ‘Young Volunteer of the Year’ Award goes to……

Olly Howland

We are delighted that Olly’s hard work in the Quarry Café & Community Fridge has been acknowledged with this award. In the 12 months up to his nomination, Olly racked up over 1083 volunteer hours. Olly was involved in just about all aspects of the project and was more than capable of taking charge as chief cook, barista and also admin and was a safe pair of hands to oversee it all in Sarah’s absence.

We are so proud of Olly, throughout the pandemic he gave up so much of his time to be there to help other people whilst showing an incredible compassion and understanding of their needs.

Although Olly has now begun his studies at university, he will still reappear in the Quarry Café & Community Fridge during the holidays!

Olly, thank you for everything that you have done for us during the pandemic, you have been such an important member of the team and we could not have done so much without you.

You are outstanding!

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